NATHAN TIMMEL | Comedy Castle


Nov 26, 2021 - Jan 01, 2021

Not as serious as Plato, but lighter than Socrates. Not as edgy as Clinton, but livelier than Nixon. Not as heavy as GWAR, but deeper than Culture Club.

Nathan has recorded six albums (and receives regular airplay on Sirius/XM radio), been a guest on the Bob & Tom Show, and traveled overseas to perform for American troops—including stops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He performs at comedy clubs around the country, from Buffalo to Albuquerque and Colorado Springs to Baltimore.

“His edgy, sometimes dark, but always hilarious and relevant material coupled with a charismatic stage presence sets Nathan apart from the rest of the pack.”

~Roger Feeny, Owner Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase


 Ann Duke (MC)
 Mike Cronin (Feature)